To obtain a hardcopy of the CERD’s Educational Magazine (annual subscription fee 25000 L.L. – Twenty-five thousand Lebanese Lira only):

Fill in the subscription form available on the Educational Magazine page, and send to the editor of the Educational Magazine at the CERD address accompanied by the subscription fee which is payable by:

Bank Cheque to the orderof Center For Educational Research and Development


Postal order to pay the amount to CERD


Receipt proving that the amount has been deposited into CERD’d Account No. 710061110 at Banque Du Liban.

Distribution Centers for Educational Magazine:

  1. The magazine is sent from CERD Teacher Training Centers-Resource Units, at the following location: Tripoli, Halba, Jounieh, Beirut, Saida, Nabatiyeh, Zahleh,  Baalback.
  2. Copies of the Educational Magazine are distributed from Resource Units to the following Teachers Training Centers:
  • Tripoli: Kosba, Sir Al-Dinniyeh, Zgharta, Bsharri
  • Halba: Qbayat, Harar
  • Jounieh: Batroun
  • Beirut: Aley, Baaklin/Mukhtara, Anout/Shhim
  • Saida: Jazzin, Sour
  • Nabatiyeh: Tibnin, Marja’oun, Hasbaya, Bint Jbail
  • Zahleh: Rashaya, Jib Janin
  • Baalback: Hermel
  • The Lebanese public  schools may accept and use all national textbooks issued by the Center for Educational Research and Development.
  • The Lebanese private schools may accept and use:
  1. Imported books assessed by the relevant Lebanese General security authorities.
  2. National textbooks issued by CERD.
  3. Textbooks issued by Lebanese publishers as approved by specialists at CERD and subsequently released for general use.


To obtain a softcopy of any new publication released by CERD (such as the Educational Magazine, the Educational Bulletin, the Statistics Report, as well as the latest CERD books, studies and projects), you should subscribe to the Newsletter at the top right of te home page by posting your e-mail on the text box.. Thereafter you will receive e-mail notification promptly upon release of any new CERD publication.