News & Events

In the framework of the "Mawridi-e", an educational activity was carried out in cooperation with the French Cultural and Educational Center

Cooperation agreement between the Lebanese Army Command and the CERD on cooperation in educational affairs

On the anniversary of May 6 Martyrs' Day

Memorandum of Understanding between the CRDP and the Lebanese University on cooperation in educational affairs

A working meeting between the Educational Center and SKILD Center on Language Disorders, Understanding Autistic Attitudes and Addressing Behavior within the classroom

Memorandum of Understanding between the Education Center and the British Council on cooperation in providing technical support for the interactive enrichment programs of the interactive curriculum

A specialized workshop for the construction of educational curricula in cooperation between the Educational Center and the Office of Educational Cooperation of the French Embassy in Lebanon

Celebrating the final experimental phase of training as a part of the Francophone Initiative for Distance Education of Teachers (IFADEM) in Lebanon.

Feb 2016

Minister Bou Saab held the first with Curricula Development Committees and claimed that curricula development is limitless and general assembly beyond any borders; stressing the need for simplification of the Arabic language.

Feb 2016

The Project of Quality Process at CERD with CANOPE Net and the French Cultural Institute in Lebanon

A Year of Achievements at CERD

Feb 2016

Signing a Cooperation Agreement between CERD and the French CANOPE Net to Enhance the Process of Quality, Developing Strategies for Resources, Training and Research