Statistics Bulletin

One of the most important tasks of the Center for Educational Research and Development (CERD) is conducting basic statistics on the various components of the educational system. This includes educational sectors, levels and types. By making these statistical data consistently available over the last thirty years, or so, it has been possible to extrapolate meaningful indexes forming a solid foundation for ascertaining the strengths and weaknesses in the educational system, and, consequently laying down future plans aimed at modernizing and revitalizing the system. This in turn reflects positively on all educational projects, particularly the ongoing effort to assess the framework of teaching and curricula with a view to further developing them to secure the hoped-for objectives and goals and the best results.

CERD endeavors to issue annual statistical bulletins containing schedules showing the following data:

  • Student population in various sectors, broken down according to gender, age, educational cycles, educational areas and governorates.
  • Number of teaching staff in various sectors broken down according to gender, academic levels and age in all Lebanese governorates.
  • Number of educational institutes in various sectors and their geographical distribution by educational cycles.
  • Some essential analyses to shed light on the basic distinctive character of the Lebanese educational system.