(Francophone Initiative for Distance Training for French Language Primary School Teachers in the Republic of Lebanon (IFADEM

The Francophone Initiative for Teachers Distance Training aims basically to raise the level of professional competence, especially the educational field for teachers of French at the primary stage who are actually in service whether in teaching French or in French language. The initiative proposes providing teacher training programs that are partially distant to fit the teacher’s needs.

Adopting, as much as possible, the Communication and Information Technology, the Francophone Initiative contributes to the renovation of teachers’ methodology. It also contributes to the teacher methods to access information and necessary knowledge for the purpose of acquiring skills in the primary level; where auto training under the supervision and the follow up of other guiding sponsors form the basic adopted educational principle. Hence, the initiative supports having quality public education in a multilingual environment.

As the principal supervising party of the project and its implementation that aims towards the proper functioning of the educational plan set by the Supervisory Committee and the Executive Committee, the Center for Educational Research and Development (CERD)  has had  several procedural steps, such as:

  •     Orienting trainers of French on methodology in accordance with the European Common Framework for Reference for Teaching Languages by the French Cultural     Institute in Beirut.
  •    (2010 up to 2015) Calling for tests to determine French teachers proficiency levels in cycle 1 and grade 4 of Basic Education.
  •    (2011-2015) Organizing a 60 hour language course preparing many groups to sit for “DELF” exam.
  •    Enrolling teachers (selected according to a criteria) in language courses designed for developing communicative skills, as well as other strategies that promote      language achievement.
  •   Correcting tests to determine the levels that match with the level required for distance training.
  •   Selecting French teachers according to the required standards and preparing as well as editing lists whenever required.

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education, in partnership with the Francophone Initiative for Teacher Distance Training organized a 200 hour training course for nine months. This training course included attended workshops for the teachers concerned. The training program was based on content selected specially for this purpose (see Article VI of the partnership agreement) and the training program was completed according to the procedure labeled “distance” training.

The Francophone Initiative provided necessary tools and educational aids for the training of the teachers concerned. The initiative also provided CERD trainers and counselors at the Counseling and Guidance Directorate in the primary and secondary divisions, as well as other sponsors with necessary IT equipment to enable them to design the framework and carry out the tasks.