Project “Quality Orientation”

 General Management and Approach for the CERD Corporate Structure

Project goals:

CERD within its primary function at MEHE, mainly in Training, Resources, Documentation, Research and Information Systems, will benefit from a medium range program which has been planned and approved year after year with the aim of integrating, into the principles of the national educational policy.


The project will provide the following:

  • Coordination among the different unit activities (departments whether internally or with the MEHE associations).
  • Establishing official formats with different active partners in the educational process (Inspection, DOPS, Lebanese university, …)

The quality orientation will focus on exploring the following domains:

  1. Internal and external organization
  2. Resources Bureau
  3. Research and Statistics Bureau
  4. Pre and In-Service Teacher Training Bureau 

His Excellency, Elias Bou Saab the Minister of Education and Higher Education, represented by CERD President, sponsored the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between CERD and Canopé net (Reseau Canopé) and the French Cultural Institute in Lebanon. This agreement aims to enhance the quality process at CERD as it develop strategies for resources at Teachers Training Centers regarding administration, research, statistical work, training and resources; knowing that CERD is responsible for planning, training and curricula design as well as monitoring its implementation in the Lebanese Educational System.

Lebanon will directly and practically benefit from the valuable experience of the French Canopé net related to the required knowledge and skills that need development, the methods of transferring this knowledge to students in order to attain most of these competences, especially that the content needs revision with an aim of meeting the needs of the present century.

The agreement was signed at the Lecture Hall at CERD Printing Press and was attended by the first counselor at the French Embassy, Mr. Arnaud Bichoux, the General Director in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Mr. Fadi Yarak, with the senior staff in the ministry ,the heads of different educational sectors, representatives from the educational inspection, the project committee, Directors at the Training Centers, the head of the Pre-and In-service Training Bureau, Ms. Huda Abu Assaly, CERD Administrative Director, Ms. Yolla Hneiny, heads of departments at CERD and the directors of Teacher Training Centers.

Dr. Oweijane signed on the behalf of CERD and the Director of Canopé, Mr. Jean Marc Merriaux and the director of the French cultural Institute in Lebanon, Mr. Donne Louche signed for the other party.

After signature and exchanging copies of the agreement among the three participating parties Huda Abu Assaly, the head of Pre-and In-service Training Bureau welcomed the Director of Canopé who visits Lebanon for the first time to sign this agreement. She explained the importance of this agreement in developing the educational policy to enhance the quality process. She drew attention to the content of the agreement mainly finding new resources and establishing two centers in Beirut and Zahle at the Teacher Training Centers to benefit from this agreement.


Denis Louche:

The Consultant for the Cultural Affairs and the Director of the French Cultural Institute, Denis Louche said when the two ministries of education in Lebanon and France join with CERD and Canopé Net; this meeting reveals an optimistic message and a living testimony for launching the quality process. It also shows the Net’s commitment in supporting this process as it forms means of communication process and development for institutions, research, training, statistics and others.


Jean Marc Merriaux:

Then the General Director of Canopé Net delivered a speech.

He said: The agreement signature is equally important to both of us. It is a means of communication and transfer of knowledge and experiences. It opens the field of special knowledge and world development. It also contributes to the process of updating the educational strategies and transferring modern models of education in the current century .The introduction of quality process in education is productive, initiating from the common roots of the two institutions and the two countries. The agreement allows us to progress as a result of the dynamism that will be launched by the commitment of the French Institute and CERD. Our partners are moving forward in this experience based on learning how to learn and practicing it to explore through cooperation the ability of development via the spatial knowledge and digital competencies that are becoming part of teaching in schools. Hence we achieve partnership on the basis of values of justice, liberty and fraternity.


Fadi Yarak:

The General Director of the Ministry of Education spoke on the occasion. He said:

Your presence is a part of the communication and cooperation between France and Lebanon. It embodies the wills of the Ministers of Education in Lebanon and France and is a firm conviction to deepen cooperation under the francophone countries in partnership, freedom and brotherhood which sum up the shared values.
This project means that every teacher can be productive with excellence in this educational workshop, and our goal is to achieve development and justice for generations by improving the quality of education.
Nada Oweijane:
The president of CERD Dr. Nada Oweijane delivered a speech.
She said: CERD is aware of its role and understands the importance of its development based on successful models in the world .We consider that it is time for the initiative to implement the quality process, a process which, we hope, will meet the  needs of the educational community in Lebanon.

Facing the growing needs of the current century, encourages CERD commitment regarding this project to engage more in progress and modernity making use of Canopé Net experiences specially that Canopé plays a primary role in the Ministry of Education in France.

 We are recently working on developing the resources policy and following upon the changes this project will bring for educational development. I thank all our French partners and the Lebanese team for their interaction and involvement in this project.

A documentary on French and Lebanese cooperation projects was displayed. At the end, a reception honoring guests and attendees was held.

In line with the partnership and cooperation between CERD and CANOPE Net and as a follow up to the task implemented in Lebanon in October 2015, a team from CERD visited Poitiers (France) to attend workshops about the content of resources in the action plan of quality orientation project at the Chasseneuil de Poitou headquarters, from 1 to 5 February, 2016.

The project team included Mrs. Muzayan Darwiche and Mrs. Yvonne Feghali from Beirut Resources Center, Ms. Brenda Ghazali from Zahle Resources Center and Mr. George Nohra,  the project coordinator. The team was accompanied by Dr. Nada Oweijane, the president of CERD, two consultants at CERD Dr. Suzan Abu Rjaily and Dr. Ghada Jouny, and Mrs. Huda Abu Assaly, the Head of Pre and In-Service Training Bureau at CERD. 

The project aims to develop a new policy for resources at CERD called the policy of spreading and valuing the resources as well as developing different CERD regional centers by transforming them into “training- learning centers”. Their functions include training, exchanges and innovation. Beirut and Zahle Training centers were selected as pilot centers and were called “Mawarid-e”, as an indication to the digital electronic dimension.

Canopé Center and the two centers in Beirut and Zahle will similarly focus on guiding the learning community in selecting and using resources in their profession; to improve teachers’ performance through changing the educational practices (curricula design approach, competency based curricula…) and establishing digital services. The workshops held by experts from CANOPE and attended by the Lebanese team from both centers “Mawarid-e” Beirut and Zahle will enable the team to prepare a scheduled action plan for 2016-2017.