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The Center for Educational Research and Development (CERD) was established by Decree # 2356, dated 10 December 1971, as a public institution having a juristic personality enjoying administrative and financial autonomy. CERD reports directly to the Minister of Education and Higher Education who acts as a custodial authority.

General Objectives

The idea of establishing CERD was born out of the need of Lebanon 's educational sector for an organization that is dedicated to the development of the various educational, developmental and technical sides of the sector.

This objective has revolved around the following:

  • Establish an official central body to handle educational matters by attracting and using highly qualified personnel to enable the government to carry out an educational development process within the framework of Lebanon's comprehensive development plan.
  • Be proactive with scientific progress and technological and cultural development in the world.
  • Create a formal educational authority to cooperate with similar bodies in other countries.
  • Upgrade the quality of education in Lebanon.

Guardianship authority

Center is linked directly to the Minister of Education and Higher Education.
It is coordination between the center and the administrative and educational By composed of the heads of the units associated with the consultative body directly to the Minister of Education and Higher Education, headed by the minister or his delegate.
Business that requires submission to the Advisory Board:

  • School curricula.
  • Educational plans for projects.
  • Regulations textbooks and educational publications and other means determined adoption.
  • The production of textbooks and publications and educational means.
  • Technical and health specifications and conditions to be met in the school buildings.
  • The conditions to be met by candidates for employment in the levels of education and fields with the exception of university education.
  • Define the general principles for the development of the official exam questions.
  • Educational

Center devices

Brought Educational Center devices under Decree 3087 Date 11/04/1972 (organizing the Educational Center for Research and Development) and consists of:

  • The Office of the Presidency of the center
  • Council of specialists
  • Office of Educational Research
  • Office equipment and educational means
  • Preparation and training office
  • The Educational Center for Research and Development and Chairman of the Board of Management specialists.

The Office of the Presidency of the center consists of:

  • President of the Center
  • Management Directorate
  • Academic common and employs specialists, social assistants Subscribers

Council of specialists consisting of:

  • Head of the center, "president"
  • Four specialists "members" elected by the center staff with the rank of Specialist Assistant Specialist

Management Directorate, consists of:

Staff and employees of the center system

The staff is divided at the Centre for research and development permanent staff, contractors (and in regular full-time) and driving. They are subject to the general conditions imposed on the appointment of staff of public administrations Except as provided by the laws of internal regulations of the Center.


  • Appoints the head of the Centre for Education Decree research and development published by the Council of Ministers, on the proposal of the Minister of Education and Higher Education.
  • Appointed Chief Executive Decree, on the recommendation of the head of the center and the Minister.
  • Appoints heads of offices and technical departments in place by the Council of experts, at the suggestion of the President of the Centre and the approval of the minister being chosen from specialists at the center which meets the requirements and qualifications required for appointments and fixed in resolution, which does not exceed t

CERD's Relations with Local and International Bodies

CERD is authorized to

  • Liaise with all departments and institutions concerned with educational and pedagogical matters in order to obtain information that is needed for its work.
  • Conduct research and experiments in all educational organizations attached to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. All such organizations are obligated to make available all information required to facilitate CERD's work.
  • Sign contracts with local private and public organizations in Lebanon or with international organizations or governments or other bodies, through which CERD provides all of them with educational consultations or information within the scope of its duties and to the limit of its technical and human resources.